Web Application Developer



I have worked with many people and I always want the other developer to be very transparent in terms of work, to tell every thing straight forward. Amir is very transparent and comfortable working with, don't hesitate to discuss even small things about work, he is a very good listener and he never mind if I criticized his work, he just picked the points and tried to improve work. This is the quality that I haven't found in many people. He also like to learn some thing new.Another very important quality of his is that I found him humble. And I hope that with these qualities, with the grace of ALLAH Almighty, he will be able to achieve more success.

Hafiz Waheeduddin Ahmed (Sr. Software Engineer)


I worked with Amir as a BA for UrFilez and often had to interact directly with developers in gathering and distributing knowledge about a project, flow or requirement. I found Amir to be very professional and dedicated to his work. He would never shy away from making sure that the stories got delivered on time and I had an excellent rapport with him when it came to communicating deadlines, requirements, tweaks and such.

Saad Mahmood Saeed (UI Designer at Service Price)


Amir is a professional and qualified individual. I First worked with Amir in Mwm Tech he is a very talented PHP developer and helped me alot setting up PR distribution network.

Usman Ahmed (SEO Team Lead at MyPRGenie)


I had an opportunity to work with Amir a MWM Tech and found him to be Honest , Hard working and loyal to his employer. He has always shown a positive attitude towards work and life. His key strengths include ability to work under extreme pressure and always hitting the mark. I wish him success forever in his life

Suleman Waheed (Team Lead Software Quality at Discoverture Solutions)


I gave a very detailed specification for a website I wanted to have designed. Amir understood what was wanted immediately and came up with a very responsive design that works excellently. I would recommend Amir to anyone who has a project that requires a database or significant programming expertise as he clearly has a lot of experience working and designing complex websites. Amir also responded to all our messages and put a lot of effort into his responses and kept communcaiton throughout. An excellent web designer. Thanks!

xueba (Client from Elance)


Excellent freelancer! would certainly work with him again.

Martin Barrionuevo (Client from Elance)


Amir Shaheen is really a good developer and has very strong and sound technical knowledge with positive CAN-DO attitude. He stands with his commitments regardless of the situation and always ready and willing to accept challenges. I wish him best of luck for his professional career and life!

Muhammad Majid Saleem (PHP Team Lead at SWAAM Tech)


This is our first job together, and it was a really good experience for us. Thank you for the work and looking forward to working on more projects!

Sky CRM (Project Manager)


Extremely flexible freelancer, Did a great job. Very professional and very good communication. Daily updates.

Ivo Kuipers (Client from Elance)